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The Sleek Future of Tablets

Future of Tablets

The future of tablet devices, their role in business and society, the functions that they will soon perform and projections of market adoption. ...

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Wearable Technology: Will We Actually Wear It?

wearable technology

Wearable technology is now available but so far adoption has been slow, will it become mainstream in the future? ...

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Top 4 Modern Technology Gadgets for Your Home

Top Modern Technology Gadgets Home

The top 4 modern technology gadgets to give your home a futuristic look. ...

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Ray Kurzweil Presents “The Sensory Effect” at the NY Tech Meetup [Video]

Ray Kurzweil The Sensory Effect

Ray Kurzweil delivers "The Sensory Effect" keynote speech including the topics of exponential growth, the role that information systems will play in the future of healthcare, artificial intelligence and more. ...

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RFID Technology Effects on Green Marketing

RFID Effects Green Marketing

How RFID is impacting the green marketing approach of U.S. print media. ...

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How Siri Will Change the World for Older Generations [Video]

Siri Voice Control iPhone 4S

Siri and other voice recognition interfaces will make using phones and other devices much easier for older generations. ...

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The Future of Technology 2012 [Video]

Future Technology 2012

A discussion of the future of technology in 2012 and beyond. When will we become half man half machine? ...

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How Facebook Timeline Will Change Lives

Facebook Timeline Change Lives

Facebook Timeline will change history by serving as an autobiography for relatives to look back at the lives of passed family members. ...

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Tablet and iPad Energy Efficiency and Consumption [Infographic]

Tablet iPad Energy Efficiency Consumption

Tablet and iPad energy usage and consumption information in this inforgraphic is compared to the energy efficiency of similar devices. ...

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Megaupload Shutdown and SOPA: Future Implications

Megaupload Shutdown Aftermath

The implications of Megaupload shutting down and SOPA failing to pass legislation are discussed along with what it means for the future of copyright laws on the internet. ...

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