Error 12 on iPhone Restore in iTunes – Details [Video]

Error 12 iPhone Restore iTunes Message

Error 12 on iPhone restore in iTunes messages details, possible fixes and additional resources to find information on iTunes error codes. ...

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Account Temporarily Unavailable Facebook Site Issue 2014 [Video]

Facebook Currently Unavailable

Details on the Facebook site error: "Account Temporarily Unavailable. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes." ...

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“Could not activate cellular data network” iPhone Fix [Video]

could not activate cellular data network iphone

"Could not activate cellular data network" on iPhone fix for users that know they're subscribed to a cellular data network including Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile customers. ...

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Someone Created a Facebook Account with Your Email Address – Tips [Video]

Someone Created Facebook Account Your Email Address

Tips on what to do if someone created a Facebook account using your email address and you're suspicious emails from Facebook. ...

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Can’t Send Email on iPhone but Can Receive [Fix]

Can't Send Email on iPhone but Can Receive iOS 7

If you can't send emails on iPhone but can't receive emails after updating to iOS 7, this video tutorial will show you how to resolve the issue and be able to send emails from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. ...

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YouTube Not Displaying Ads on Embedded Websites [Video]

Embedded YouTube Videos Not Showing Ads

YouTube may not be displaying ads on embedded websites for a number of reason including a YouTube bug that does not show ads on widescreen videos. ...

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Showtime Anytime Not Working on Mac Computer – Fix [Video]

showtime anytime mac not working

How to watch Showtime Anytime on a Mac computer if it currently isn't working for you. ...

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Mac Desktop Wallpaper Background Appearing Upside Down – Fix [Video]

How to fix the problem of your Mac desktop background photo appearing upside down on your screen. ...

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Apple TV AirPlay Icon Not Showing on MacBook Pro Toolbar

Apple TV AirPlay Icon Not Showing MacBook Pro Toolbar

How to fix the Apple TV AirPlay icon disappearing or not showing / displaying in the toolbar on a MacBook Pro. ...

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Embedded YouTube Videos Not Showing Up 2013

Embedded YouTube videos not playing

Embedded YouTube videos are not showing up, playing or being displayed on websites. ...

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