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How to Connect an XLR Microphone to a Computer [Video]

Connect XLR Microphone to Computer

How to connect and XLR microphone to a computer to easily capture voice audio recordings. ...

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Online Typing Course – Tests, Practice Lessons and Instruction [Video]

Online Typing Course

This online touch typing course include typing tests, practice lessons and keyboard typing instruction to help users increase their typing speed and computing efficiency. ...

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How to Draw Shapes in GIMP 2.8 [Video]

Draw Shapes in GIMP

How to draw shapes in GIMP 2.8 - both filled in shapes and outlines of shapes. ...

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Custom Thumbnail Template for YouTube 2014 (.psd & .xcf)

YouTube Custom Thumb Template

A custom thumbnail template for YouTube in 2014 with a basic design in both .psd and .xcf format. ...

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Google AdSense Tutorial for Beginners [Video]

Google AdSense Tutorial

A Google AdSense video tutorial course for beginners and advanced users to effectively use Google AdSense and maximize earnings for your website. ...

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Tumblr Introduction Tutorial 2014 [Video]

Tumblr Introduction Tutorial Video

A Tumblr introduction and overview video tutorial to quickly get started using Tumblr in 2014. ...

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How to Use Dropbox Tutorial 2014 [Video]

Dropbox Overview Tutorial Introduction 2014 Vidoe

A video tutorial on how to use Dropbox in 2014 including how to upload and share files to Dropbox. ...

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How to Reply to YouTube Channel Comments 2014 [Video]

Reply YouTube Channel Comments

How to reply to YouTube channel comments easily in 2014 by using the Community section within the YouTube Dashboard. ...

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Evernote Tutorial and Tips 2013 / 2014 – Introduction and Overview [Video]

Evernote Tutorial 2013 2014 Notes Video

An Evernote tutorial and tips video for the 2013 and 2014 cloud-based version of Evernote allowing user to take rich media notes and sync them across devices. ...

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Motorola Talkabout Radio – Turn Off Roger Beep Sound [Video]

Motorola Talkabout Radio Turn Off Roger Beep

How to turn off the roger beep sound on Motorola Talkabout two-way radios to reduce the amount of noise made by the radio. ...

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