Guest Post on AnsonAlex.comThe main goal of is to facilitate the process of information sharing.

To achieve this goal, it is important to assess information from as many different sources as possible and then derive our own final opinion about a topic, matter or event based on our aggregate comprehension of the information presented to us.

As the Founder, President, Chief Editor and primary author of, I do my best to share information as unbiasedly as possible to help users create the most accurate overall opinion of a particular topic.

That being said, having a diverse set of voices on my blog is something that is important to me.

If you are interested in writing a guest post, or multiple guest posts, I would be more than happy to review your content to ensure is meets the guidelines below and possibly feature your content on

There are many intangible rewards in regards to guest posting- increased brand recognition, an increase in followers and an increase in reputation. I also allow you to link to your own content as long as the link is in context with the article.

Please read through the guidelines below and if you’re still interested or have questions, please email

Thank you for your interest!

Guest Post Guidelines for

  1. The article is unique to my site- The search engines have been penalizing duplicate content very harshly since the panda update.
  2. The article is related to one of the main categories of the site (google plus, infographics, technology, lifestyle, tutorials or troubleshooting).
  3. The article is approved before publishing.
  4. Links to your own blog or portfolio are fine as long as the anchor text is either your name or the domain name of your site. Updated: 8/24/2012
  5. I will add an advertisement to the article and if it is a rather long post, I may add two.
  6. I also may change the title / headers / keywords for SEO purposes- This is really for your benefit. I pride myself in my SEO copyright abilities.
  7. The information within the article must be accurate and should not attempt to misinform, coerce or confuse readers.

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