Install a Call Forwarding System to Avoid Missing Important Business Calls

Install Call Forwarding System

Owning and operating your own business presents many day-to-day challenges, many of which have complex solutions. In this day and age of modern telecommunications, missing important phone calls is an issue that many business owners still grapple with – completely unnecessarily.

Your customers and clients are likely to be just as busy as you are, so acknowledging their frustration when you’re not contactable and implementing a strategy to rectify this issue is vital to building and maintaining ongoing business relationships. Call forwarding provides a very simple solution for the busy business owner for whom it’s not always practical to be chained to the office desk.

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Many businesses utilize call forwarding services simply for the convenience factor; however the benefits can be immeasurable when it comes to the provision of customer service. At some time or other most people will have experienced the not-so-fun game of “phone tag”, which occurs when two parties continuously keep missing the other’s telephone calls. As well as wasting an incredible amount of time, playing “phone tag” is an incredibly frustrating situation for clients and can also communicate a degree of unprofessionalism on your business’ behalf.

If it is allowed to occur frequently enough, this kind of scenario can risk losing you valuable business and positive word of mouth. Just as there is no excuse for poor telephone etiquette in business, there is no excuse for not responding to calls in an efficient and timely fashion. Ensuring that you don’t miss important business calls can be as simple as forwarding phone calls from work to your mobile phone during business hours, so that you’re contactable when you’re not in the office.

Call forwarding services can also be just as valuable when you’re technically ‘not on the clock’. In today’s global economy, many businesses deal with overseas clients and suppliers. Whilst working from 9am until 5pm is the worker’s ideal, for many business people this is not often possible.

Maximizing overseas business opportunities can require you to operate in multiple time zones, which means taking business calls outside of your regular business hours in order to accommodate the needs of clients based in other countries. It can be a lot more convenient to take important overseas business calls from the comfort of your own home than in the office, particularly in the early morning and late evening.

Setting up call forwarding from the office to home in anticipation of before or after-hours business calls is an excellent way to reduce the number of hours spent in the workplace whilst maintaining strong and efficient business relationships.

If you would like to promote your business as a larger entity that what it actually is, then call forwarding is great way of pushing multiple numbers to once central location. There are many motivations behind crating a larger than reality image. For example, if the business operates in multiple states but only has one central office it could be a good strategy to build trust with local consumers, creating a feeling of closeness and in turn increasing the likelihood of people spending with the business.

If you have been struggling to manage your business phone calls and can identify with any of the above scenarios, activating call forwarding services could provide the answer. Zintel offers call forwarding services at very competitive rates and will work with you to meet your business’ telecommunications needs. These are types of solutions that can make a big difference to businesses, either freeing up more time for other tasks or allowing the business to appear like they have offices in multiple territories.

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