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Worst Christmas Commercial of 2012 [Video]

worst christmas commercial 2012

What is the worst Christmas commercial of 2012?

I rarely write posts of this nature but, after seeing this commercial late at night on Christmas Eve Eve, I was compelled to share my critical opinion of 5 Hour Energy’s 2012 Christmas commercial.

I mean, come one, who would ever be that excited to receive liquid vitamin B as a Christmas gift?

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In defense of 5 Hour Energy, the company always seems to run stupid commercials so maybe that is there entire marketing strategy – in which case – my writing this post would actually be complimenting their marketing efforts.

I will also add that I originally saw this horrible advertisement with the TV muted which makes it even worse because I assumed there was some corny dialogue like, “Oh my gosh, how did you know this was exactly what I wanted”, to go along with the overly excited gift recipients.

Seriously, try watching the ad after turning your sound off.

In the end, this commercial comes across as complete satire and seems to make fun of the product instead of convincing me to give it as a gift.

After watching the advertisement, I came to the conclusion that giving 5 Hour Energy as a gift without knowing that the person really loves excessive amounts of the vitamin B placebo would only be viable if all of the fruit cakes and Christmas sweaters were sold out.

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