Can Google+ Provide Competition for Facebook, Twitter?

Google Plus Facebook Competition

So, have you heard about Google Plus lately?

When was the last time you visited your Google+ account?

Or rather, do you have one?

Several eyes are still open to see the rays of hope for the rise of Google Plus. Many complain about its “cold” interface but there sure are a few (other than the Google+ marketing folks), who think it’s already a better interface for socializing and for educational purposes as compared to other social websites, primarily, Facebook!

There are also many who have concerns about the user adoption of Google+. This article will provide some insight of what Google+ has been up to lately, some statistics regarding the social media service and some details on what the experts are suggesting!

Many claim that Google Plus is more like a geek friendly social networking interface with the stats suggesting that about 70 percent of the users are men, most of whom are techies. Yet, with many users claiming the circles and the hangouts to be great features, the majority still log on to Facebook for posting their social updates and recent pictures.

Google Plus Facebook Twitter

So is Google+ a failure?

Well, it is still too early to say but, because of the market strategies that Facebook and twitter have influenced their users with, there are hardly any internet users left who do not use one or both of these social networks.

For Google+ to succeed, the service needs to attract users from the already established social networks by giving them something even more exciting and useful. It’s a process, indeed. Because of the rapid growth that Google+ had upon its launch, the question of failure, for now, can be out ruled.

Yet, the concern is, where have the Google Plus users gone? The statistics suggested that a whooping twenty five million users were registered for the Google+ networking website within barely a month.

We all are aware of how Google is a gateway to the internet through its super efficient search engine. It’s certain that the news of a social networking website being launched by such an internet giant would turn eyes and attention.

Plus, almost everyone, today, has a Google account. So the fact that many people ran to create Google+ accounts does not surprise anyone.

Google Plus Adoption

So you have an account, you’re excited, so you definitely would like to log in and see what exactly Google Plus all is about. But just because you have an account, doesn’t mean you’re going to log in and actually use the service everyday. If you decide that you would like to use the service, there are many Google+ tutorials available to help.

The simplistic interface earned a lot of appreciation but, to some, it was rather cold! Yet, as time passed users realized how they can build their circles and virtually “hangout” with groups of friend through video chat which Facebook fails to provide. These are definitely some really distinguishing features, indeed.

The bottom line is yet to be drawn but based on the statistics the question is raised, “why did the user adoption statistics go down?

Perhaps it’s just a phase and this social network is still at the nascent stage; most of us are aware of Google’s, release-before-test product development methodology. Despite Google+’s quick launch, Google’s own engineer, Steve Yegge, callied it a complete failure!  The statistics state that facebook still has 20 times more active users (Facebook has also been around for a long time).

In the end, we can only wait and see if Google+ can foster its charms and attract all the folks out there with innovative features and a more user-friendly interface!

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