How to Delete or Remove Google+

Google+ has been live for half a year now and although I still use the service regularly, it has come to my attention that some people would like to remove or delete their Google+ account without deleting access to your other Google services.

After searching for tutorials on deleting Google+ accounts, I realized that the current tutorials are a bit out of date so I decided to make things easier and provide an updated guide on removing Google+ from your Google account.

If you’re just frustrated with Google+, you may want to check out some of my Google+ tutorials before deleting your account!

How to Delete / Remove Google+ Without Deleting Your Entire Google Account:

  1. Sign into your Google+ account, click on the gear icon at the top right of your screen and then click on “Google+ Settings“.
  2. Google+ Settings

  3. Click on the “Account Overview” section.
  4. Google+ Account Overview

  5. Find the “Services” section and click on “Delete profile and remove associated Google+ features“.
  6. Delete Google+ Profile

  7. On the following screen select the first option, “Delete Google+ Account” to delete just your Google+ account – select the second option if you would like to delete your entire Google profile.
  8. Remove Google+ Account

  9. Click on “Remove Selected Services” and enjoy not having Google+ anymore!
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5 Responses to "How to Delete or Remove Google+"

  1. David @ Buy Books says:

    Never thought of the need to delete my Google+ account but I suppose if someone hated Google+ so much that they must get rid of it, then your tips are very helpful. A friend is planning to sign up for a Google+ account just for the sake of consolidating various Google accounts, not so much for using Google+. Would another solution be to just purge people from Google+ circles and call it a day?

  2. Syllable says:

    Oh, you're my hero! I was so fed up by random strangers adding me to their circles.

  3. Idris Ahmed says:

    I agree on.

  4. Michael Evangelo says:

    I have seen so many of these tutorials on how to remove the Google+ account, but I do not have the option to Delete Profile and remove associated Google+ features. I just want to free up my toolbar space by it not showing my freakin thumbnail photo of me. Any ideas?

    1. Anson Alexander says:

      There is currently no way to remove the "Google+" link and thumbnail image on your Google toolbar. It is part of their effort to illicit everyones curiosity and sign up for Google+. The thumbnail could maybe be removed by removing your Google Profile image.

      - Anson

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