16 Google Plus Tips for New Users [Google+ Infographic]

I recently found another infographic posted by TechnoStreak.com. This infographic serves as a great cheat sheet for new Google+ users.

The font used on the infographic was a little difficult to read and there were some spelling / grammar errors so I’ve listed the 18 Google Plus tips below in text format to help improve readability. The infographic itself is posted below the typed tips!

  1. In a Google+ post, style the text by enclosing the text with:

    • * (asterisk for bold)
    • _ (underscore for italic)
    • – (hyphen for strikethrough)
  2. On your Google+ stream, use the below keys and combos to do certain tasks easily…

    • J – Move to next post on stream
    • K – Move to previous post on stream
    • Q – Go to chat
    • Spacebar – Scroll down stream
    • Shift + Spacebar – Scroll up stream
    • Enter – On a stream press enter to comment
    • Tab + Enter – Post comment after typing
  3. Mention others on posts or comments in Google+ with the + or @ symbols.
  4. Click “timestamp” next to name on post in Google+ to get the permalink of the Google+ post.
  5. On a post shared with limited people in Google+, clicking the link “Limited” will show the users who can view the particular post.
  6. If a person has more than one profile picture on Google+, click on the profile picture will rotate to the next one.
  7. Sharing photos, videos and links is much easier in Google+. Just drag and drop the URL into the post box to share.
  8. You can edit uploaded photos by using Google+’s default photo editor or by using Picasa. You can choose to edit a photo by click on “Edit Photo” under the “Actions” menu.
  9. The chat box can be resized in Google+. Place your cursor on the sides or edge of the chat box click and drag to resize.
  10. You can move through the photos of a Google+ album with your scroll wheel on the mouse.
  11. If a Google+ posts annoys you by notifying you ever time there is a new comment, click the down arrow next to the post to display a dropdown menu and click “mute“.
  12. Google+ Public +1 tab: You can see all of the links you’ve +1ed on the web by click on the “+1” tab on your profile.
  13. Click “share” to reshare a post from another’s Google+ stream to your own.
  14. On your profile tab, enter a name in the text box on the top right of the page to see how your Google+ profile looks to someone else.
  15. To have private conversations in Google+, make a post and share it with only specific people. You can also disable resharing of the post.
  16. If you find problems or bugs with Google+, you can report them by clicking the “send feedback” button on the bottom right of the screen.

Google Plus Cheat Sheet

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