Benefits of Using Social Media in the Classroom [Infographic]

Information on the benefits of using social media in the classroom to enhance students' overall education experience.

What are the benefits of using social media in the classroom for educational purposes?

If you’re a teacher or educator, this is definitely a question that you should be asking yourself.

Most of your students are probably already using social media and, chances are, you’re using it as well. Why not leverage some of social media’s communicative benefits to improve upon your educational curriculum?

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An infographic (posted below) was recently published by that highlights some of the primary benefits of using social media in the classroom and also provides specific examples of how to use certain social media platforms for educational use.

Benefits of Using Social Media in the Classroom Infographic Highlights:

  1. Social media improves communication by providing a medium for students ask questions for teachers and other students to answer.
  2. Social media apps for education can make learning more fun and easy for students.
  3. Teachers can create Facebook pages for their classes where they can post class events, homework assignments and research resources.
  4. Teachers can use social media to connect with parents and other teachers to build a community around their educational curriculum.
  5. Teachers can follow other teacher and educators to keep up-to-date on educational trends.
  6. Pinterest can be used to brainstorm project ideas or for students to upload final projects or assignments.
  7. YouTube videos can be used as supplemental learning material for students to watch or you can record your own lessons for students to watch at a later date.
  8. Blogging platforms can be used to post assignments, discussion topics or calendars of events.

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