How Much Money are Cooperations Spending and Making on Social Media? [Infographic]

This infographic explores the costs and benefits of social media from the perspective of a large company or corporation.

I’ve found another great infographic for all of you! This one was originally posted on and explores the costs and benefits of social media from the perspective of a large company.

Running a large social media campaign is time consuming and expensive, but do the benefits outweigh the costs? According to the study by, the benefits do outweigh the costs.

I’ve included the actual infographic at the end of this post but first, here are the highlights:

  • Large social media campaigns lead to increased:
    • Customer Engagement
    • Direct Customer Communications
    • Speed of Feedback
    • Knowledge of Customer Preferences
  • If a customer is a Facebook fan, they’re going to spend a lot more money on your products / services
  • Facebook fans are more likely to continue using and recommend your product / service
  • Large Twitter campaign ROI: 43% (Dell)
  • The recent Old Spice TV commercial campaign’s success had a major effect on Old Spice’s social media exposure

In the end, it is evident that a large scale social media campaign is definitely worth the investment.  Obviously all businesses are different and some may be more successful in the social media arena than others.

Nobody can deny that social media is one of the best ways to market a product or service to your customers.  Unlike traditional mediums for advertising campaigns, advertising with social media allows you to specifically target certain markets based on the users’ demographic information.  Expect to see a large increase in social media advertising among corporations as social media advertising will soon be more important that television advertising.

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