Internet Penetration Growth Rankings by Country 2012 [Infographic]

Internet speed and penetration growth rankings by country as of 2012.

Internet speed and penetration ranking are becoming increasingly important factors for mankind in the 21st century.

As internet reliance is increasing exponentially for both business and personal users, the speed in which a user is able to load pages has a drastic effect on their ability to be productive and successful.

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As an American internet user, I think I take advantage of that fact that I have access to high speed ISPs, such as Megapath, that provide very fast page load times.

Globally speaking, however, not every country fares the same in terms of internet penetration growth or speed ranking.

To increase awareness of this fact, an infographic (posted below) was recently published by that includes internet speed and penetration growth rankings by country for 2012.

Countries with the Highest Percentage of Internet Penetration Growth:

  1. Brazil – 27%
  2. China – 26%
  3. Italy – 23%
  4. Russia – 20%
  5. United Kingdom – 20%

Global Internet Speed Facts for 2012:

  1. Most of the cities with the fastest internet speed in World are located in South Korea and Japan.
  2. Only 7 cities from Europe were in the top 100 for internet connection speeds.
  3. 24 cities in North American were in the top 100 for internet connection speeds.
  4. 69 cities from the Asia-Pacific region made the top 100 list for internet connections speeds.
  5. Boston has the fast internet speed in the United States (51 worldwide).

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