Statistics for Online Dating in 2013 [Infographic]

Online dating statistics are very important to those wondering if they really can “find love” online in today’s digital world.

In fact, many people have had great luck with online dating and the trend of searching for soul mates online has been increasing greatly in recent years.

Millions of people who never thought electronics would play a part in their marriage have discovered otherwise. Computers and tablets are revolutionizing the way people romance one another, and even how they meet!

This infographic (posted below) was compiled and created by Natalie Bracco who also created the most popular infographic ever posted on, How to Use Parts of a Broken Cell Phone as Survival Tools [Infographic].

Some of you may remember viewing the infographic I posted regarding online dating statistics in 2012 and Natalie’s online dating infographic provides updated information regarding online dating statistics and some interesting online dating facts that I have not yet seen on the web!

Online Dating Statistics and Trends 2013 Highlights:

  1. 40 million Americans have tried online dating.
  2. 52% of online daters are men and 48% are women.
  3. The average user of online dating services spends $239 / year on online dating.
  4. 20% of current committed relationships started online!
  5. Online dating is a $1 billion business!
  6. 10% of online daters quit within the first 3 months.
  7. 64% of online daters feel that common interests are of high importance.
  8. 49% of online daters feel that physical characteristics are of high importance.
  9. 17% of US couples that were married last year met online.
  10. 33% of online dating women had sex on the first date.
  11. 53% of online daters date more than one person at a time.
  12. The average online relationship lasts 18.5 months.
  13. Married couples who met online date an average of 42 months before getting married.
  14. What is most important to online daters in regards to potential mates?

    1. Personality (30%)
    2. Looks (23%)
    3. Sense of Humor (14%)
    4. Career and Education (10%)
  15. Online dating men look for:

    1. Career Women (42%)
    2. “Girl Next Door” (34%)
    3. Hot / Attractive Women (24%)
  16. Online dating women look for:

    1. Nice Guys (38%)
    2. A Blend of Good and Bad Boys (34%)
    3. Bad Boys (15%)
  17. Online dating men lie about:

    1. Age
    2. Height
    3. Income
  18. Online dating women lie about:

    1. Weight
    2. Physical Build
    3. Age
  19. At age 26, there are more men seeking women.
  20. At age 48 there are more than twice as many women seeking men.

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Statistics Online Dating 2013 Infographic

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