The Evolution of File Storage [Infographic]

This infographic presents a very good graphical view of how file storage has evolved over the years.

I recently stumbled upon an infographic originally posted by, that presents a very good graphical view of how file storage has evolved over the years.

The infographic focuses heavily on how as storage devices have reduced in size, the actual amount of information that they can store has increased in size. For example, a large wax cylinder from the year 1880 could hold 7 minutes of audio information while a small modern IPod can hold 800-1000 hours of audio information.

Even if we look at a more recent comparison, the modern IPod can hold over 24x the amount of information that the first generation IPod could hold. If we continue at the same pace, imagine how much information our devices will be able to hold in 2050!

The infographic also presents us with a very clear picture of how much physical information modern storage devices hold in terms of miles of book and miles of bookshelves.

We really don’t realize how much our methods for storing information have evolved over the years but this infographic really puts it in perspective and sheds a different light on the modern capabilities of file storage and human innovation.

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