Water Usage Statistics by Country 2012 [Infographic]

Fresh water usage and consumption statistics by country and activity for 2012.

As the World population continues to grow, taking a look at water usage statistics by country becomes increasingly important to ensure that there is enough fresh water available for consumption.

In order to limit our usage of fresh water, it is also important to realize which particular activities use the most fresh water.

An infographic (posted below) was recently published by Scientific American that breaks down the World’s fresh water consumption by country and by activity.

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With the largest growing populations in the World, it is not surprising that the top consumers of fresh water are China and India.

The United States has the third largest population in the World and fittingly, is also the third largest consumer of water.

Many environmentalists campaign for humans to reduce their household water consumption in order to conserve.

Although this will undoubtedly aide in reducing the World’s water consumption, by looking at the chart below, it is evident that the areas in which we can reduce the most fresh water usage are in industry and agriculture.

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