3 Work-From-Home Jobs that are Overlooked

Work-From-Home Jobs

Looking for a work-from-home job?

A lot of people are tired of working from a cubicle. These folks also don’t enjoy lengthy commutes and may have family obligations that require their attention.

Consequently, there is a great demand for work-from-home employment. While it might not always be possible and there are a number of scams floating through the Internet, there are some very legitimate occupations that an individual may pursue from home.

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Here are 3 lesser-known, yet emerging occupations worth considering:

1. Medical Coding

Medical coding is a growing occupation within the healthcare industry and will continue to provide employment opportunities as the need for accurate billing records continues to grow.

Medical coding seems almost like a custom-made profession for anyone wishing to work from the house. Those who are willing to become Certified Professional Coders (CPC®) will quickly discover that this job pays quite well, and further salary increases will come when additional certifications are achieved.

Training opportunities are available through AAPC and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and can take place both in the classroom and online. A few years of work in a healthcare provider environment is recommended, but medical coding is something that is tailor-made for any independent contractor.

2. Claims Adjuster

Insurance sales have always been a job that can be home bound, but insurance companies have been made them even more common the past 5 years.

This eliminates the need for large claims departments within the building, and allows the company to use space more efficiently or even cut down on rent.

Claims adjusters do not necessarily have to work for an insurance company directly; they can work as independent contractors as well.

Such people evaluate the size of a covered loss and determine how much will be paid out. This does require an ability to interact with other people and show considerable amounts of empathy.

Nevertheless, large companies, such as Aetna and Allstate, are allowing claims adjusters to work from home and a number of insurance companies are contracting out to independent claims adjusters.

3. Online Tutoring

Teaching is a very stressful occupation with a high level of burnout. In addition, the educational field has seen a lot of layoffs and positions being cut back from full-time to part-time.

Fortunately, teachers no longer have to put up with homeroom for thirty odd years, as the Internet makes it possible for tutors to help students who are homeschooled or in remote areas.

Subjects such as science and mathematics are in particular need of tutors and depending on the number of hours a person is willing to work online, this can be a fairly high paying job.

All of these positions can be done as an employee for a company or school district. Working for an employer from the house will require establishing procedures for reporting in and registering time worked for pay.

Neither is impossible, but both require access to controlled websites. As such, anyone working independently from a residence has to be aware of some significant upfront costs. These include things such as Internet connection, a good telecommunication system, and any particular business related software package. Working with overseas clients may include also a Skype account and foreign language interpreter software.

Whichever route a person takes, being employed by a company or working independently, it is possible to have a very successful career from the house. These opportunities are growing and will continue to expand as Internet and telecommunication advancements make domestic work more than just cleaning a room or washing dishes.

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