Anson Alexander Surpasses 100K YouTube Views [Press Release]

Anson Alexander surpasses 100,000 views on YouTube and will continue to produce video content for the rest of 2012.

Last week,’s founder, Anson Alexander, surpassed the 100,000 view mark on his YouTube channel.

The milestone came after Anson, in previous press releases, promised more consistent video content in 2012.

One of the primary topics featured on is tutorials on cloud-based software and services such as Google Apps and Facebook Timeline. By producing video content, Anson can more precisely walk users through the exact process featured in each particular tutorial.

The milestone came after Anson recently announced the milestone of reaching over 1 million viewers on

By looking at the chart below of Anson’s daily YouTube views, it is evident that YouTube viewership will continue to increase as time goes on:

Looking ahead to rest of 2012, Anson will continue to integrate his video and print content to support each other and provide the readers and viewers with as seamless of an experience as possible.

The 6 most popular videos Anson has published on YouTube are listed below:

  1. Google Docs 2011 Beginner Tutorial Video
  2. Google Docs How To Tutorial 2012
  3. Get or Enable Facebook Timeline 2012
  4. Google Docs Sharing and Collaboration Tutorial
  5. Facebook Timeline Users: Make Sure Your Profile is Protected
  6. Gmail Tutorial for Beginners 2012

Anson will continue to produce more video tutorials throughout the rest of 2012 and into 2013.

As always, he welcomes any suggestions and feedback from his viewers and readers and can be contacted through multiple mediums of communication available on the Contact Page.

Thank you all for your support!

Anson Alexander

Anson Alexander

Anson Alexander is a blogger, author, SEO expert, teacher, and tech geek. As the founder of, Anson works full time writing, editing, and producing content for his site and providing technical and business services to clients. He has a BS in international business and information systems from the University of Tampa. In his free time, Anson plays video games, enjoys nature, spends time at the beach, and loves to travel.

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