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Technology related articles posted on that received the most traffic, the most user interaction and the most positive feedback in 2011.

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of and the end of 2011, I would like to take a look back the most popular technology content of 2011 featured on

In the past year, 200 unique articles were published by so it is very difficult to decide which ones are the “best.” The articles featured in this list are the ones that received the most traffic, the most user interaction and the most positive feedback. will continue to bring you tutorials on cloud based systems and informative articles regarding the technology industry and social media.

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Top Technology Articles of 2011:

  1. How to Prepare Your Facebook Profile for the Timeline Update
  2. After Facebook Timeline was released for developers in September of 2011, researched the update and produced an informative and helpful guide outlining the most important steps to take when reviewing and preparing your Facebook profile for the Timeline update. This article covers security aspects of Facebook Timeline as well as instructions on how to use the new features.

    Complete Google+ Setup Guide

    Shortly after Google+ was released in the summer of 2011, produced a slew of Google+ related tutorials. This article serves as a portal to the most important Google+ tutorials to get your account and profile up and running.

    This article covers the following areas of Google+:

    • Privacy Management Features
    • An Overview of “Circles”
    • Sending Private Messages
    • Importing Friends From Other Platforms
    • Google+ Shortcut Keys
  3. Google+ Funny Images and Pictures Compilation
  4. During the first few weeks of beta testing for Google+, a number of hilarious images and gifs were posted on the newly introduced social network. Most of the images poked fun at Facebook or demonstrated how Google+ is (or was before the timeline update) superior to Facebook. This article received a lot of response on StumbleUpon, Google+ and Facebook!

  5. Google+ and Facebook User Statistics Overview
  6. It is interesting to watch the battle of social media platforms happen right before our own eyes. One of the most researched and studied aspects of social networking is the demographic similarities and differences between social media platforms.

    The Facebook vs. Google+ demographic related infographic posted by gives readers some inside information on what type of user each of the two social networks is more likely to attract and retain.

  7. Which Internet Browser is Better – IE, FireFox, Chrome or Safari?
  8. Everybody who surfs the web uses some of type of browser to access the information they’re looking for. Although all internet browsers share certain similarities, it is the granular differences between browsers that really make or break the user experience. This article discusses the pros and cons of each of the top 4 internet browsers based on market share.

  9. Top 20 Social Media Quotes of All Time
  10. Whether you’re networking for your career, keeping up with your children’s lives or staying in touch with old friends, chances are – if you use the internet nowadays – you also use social media.

    The trend of social networking has taken the world by storm. But what is the purpose of social media? How can one use it effectively? What are some of the consequences of using social media? How does it relate to other forms of media?

    All these questions and more are answered in’s list of the Top Social Media Quotes of All Time. These quotes are taken from industry professionals, marketers and well-known bloggers.

    This article has received a great deal of user interaction in all forms of social media.

  11. How to Delete or Remove Facebook Timeline
  12. Shortly after the public release of Facebook Timeline, many users voiced their frustration about the update and expressed their desire to revert to the old version of Facebook. Unfortunately Facebook does not allow one to revert to the old version. The only way to see the old version of Facebook is to use a browser hack within Internet Explorer.

    This article however, explores other options users have instead of reverting to the old version of Facebook. It also provides some suggestions to users on how to make their Facebook Timeline experience more enjoyable.

  13. 4 Infographics About Online Trends, Internet Usage and Social Media
  14. As the online community exponentially grows, members of the community are increasingly interested in demographic information related to internet usage, technology trends and social media adoption.

    This collection of 4 infographics presents the reader with a great deal of demographic information about online trends in an easy-to-read graphical format. You will be amazed at some of the information you will learn from this very popular article.

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