How to fax for free online with a service that offers no advertisements, requires no credit card and offers a number of free online faxes.

Looking for a free online fax service without ads to send and receive faxes online from your computer?

It is very difficult to find an entirely free online fax service, but I’ve recently stumbled upon a free online fax service that allows users to send from 5-50 faxes for free depending on how much information the user decides to provide when creating their profile.

The service that I’ve found is called HelloFax. I found the service because it is included in the list of third party apps for Google Drive. In fact, if you sign up for HelloFax using Google Drive (as shown in the video tutorial above) you will receive 50 free faxes. If you sign up for the service from it’s homepage, the maximum free faxes you can send is only about 20 unless you refer some friends to the service.

On a side note, you’ll notice that the links I post to HelloFax are not referral links. I honestly don’t send too many faxes these days (I do everything by email) so I’m not really interested in receiving free faxes. Besides, if you run out of free faxes with HelloFax you can always just sign up with another email account.

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Because free fax service are so difficult to find on the internet, you really need to take advantage of the free trials that some companies offer. The free trial by HelloFax has been the most user friendly that I’ve found so far and it is very quick and easy to go from not even having an account to sending your first fax. You can probably have the fax sent within 4 or 5 minutes depending on your speed as a typer.

I posted a similar article on faxing about a year ago but that company is no longer offering a free trial.

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