In addition to providing high quality content and tutorials, also strives to improve the overall process of information sharing by providing training and support to other entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals.

Training services provided by Anson:

SEO Copyright Training

High quality content is always the most important aspect of publishing within any medium. Second to that however, is ensuring that your customers are able to easily access your content.

Anson offers both remote and on location SEO copyright training.

I will show you and your team industry SEO standards and norms, white hat methods of generating high levels of organic traffic and plenty of tips and hints to differentiating your SEO practices from those of your competitors.

SEO is not magic – it takes commitment, practice and needs to be tailored specifically for your content. looks at each situation uniquely and provides customized SEO solutions for your organization.

Google Apps Training

Google Apps is one of fastest growing and most affordable cloud-based communication and collaboration services for both individuals and organizations.

Anson has used Google Apps both professionally and personally. He has been training employees on Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Sites since 2010.

A collaboration tool is only as powerful as the end user allows it to be and Anson strives to show you the most efficient and effective ways of leveraging Google Apps.

Whether you’re an organization that is first adopting Google Apps or an individual looking to improve upon what you already know about Google Apps, Anson can provide custom tailored remote or onsite Google Apps training lessons.

Every user and organization has different needs and goals. Anson will sit down with you, find out what you’re looking to get out of Google Apps and show you the most effective ways of achieving those goals.

SEO Copyright

Making sure your content discoverable and accessible is vital to success in today’s digital world.

If you’ve got some great content but are unsure on how to optimize it for Google and other search engines, let Anson do the work for you!

Anson assesses three key functional areas of search engine optimization before copyrighting and optimizing your content on the web:

  1. The subject and purpose of your content.
  2. The search queries and expectations of your target audience.
  3. The digital presence and structure of your competition.

By researching these three key components Anson is able to develop tailored copyright for your content based on the current situation of you and your competition in the particular online market.

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