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Waze Maps – Change / Update Home Address

Waze Change Address

How to change / update your home address in the Waze GPS app for smartphones. ...

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Google Reverse Image Search iPhone App [Video]

Reverse Image Search iPhone

How to do a Google reverse image search on an iPhone or iPad. ...

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Best Music Player App for Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone [Video]

Best Music Player App Program

The best music player app / program for iPhone, Windows, Mac and Android allows you to listen to any song you would like on any of your devices! ...

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Best Scan to PDF App for iPhone and iPad [Video Review]

Scan to PDF App iPhone iPad

The best scan to PDF app for iPhone and iPad is reviewed and demoed in this video when I use the app to take a photo of a document and then email the document in PDF format. ...

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Record Phone Calls on iPhone – Apps Options [Video]

Record Phone Calls iPhone App

How to record phone calls on your iPhone with a different call recording app solutions. ...

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Google Drive App on iPhone and iPad Tutorial 2013 [Video]

Google Drive Tutorial 2013

A tutorial on using Google Drive on your iPhone or iPad with the Google Drive app for iOS. ...

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New LinkedIn iPhone App Update 2013 Tutorial [Video]

LinkedIn iPhone app update 2013

A tutorial on the new LinkedIn iPhone app update released in 2013. ...

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Send Automatic Facebook Birthday Wishes with App

Automatic Facebook Birthday Wishes

BirthdayFB Facebook app that lets you schedule custom birthday wish messages and posts to be automatically posted to your friend's wall on the day of their birthday. ...

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Is FriendSheet Facebook’s Version of Pinterest? [Video]

The FriendSheet Facebook app may look and feel like Pinterest but does it really have the same functionality? ...

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Top 5 Spotify Apps for 2012

Top Spotify Apps 2012

A list of the top Spotify Apps Beta released so far in 2012. ...

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