Google Drive / Google Docs Tutorial 2016 [Video]

Google Drive Tutorial 2016

A Google Drive and Google Docs tutorial for 2016 covering all of the features and uses of Google Drive. ...

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Microsoft Word Online Introduction Tutorial 2015 [Video]

Microsoft Word Online Tutorial 2015

A Microsoft Word Online introduction tutorial to introduce users to the 2015 cloud based version of Microsoft Word available in Office Online. ...

Read More Introduction Tutorial 2015 [Video] Tutorial 2015

A introductory tutorial for the 2015 user interface of ...

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Google Drive / Docs Tutorial 2015 – Overview [Video]

google drive docs tutorial 2015

A Google Drive and Google Docs overview tutorial for the 2015 user interface serving as a quick-start tutorial to quickly introduce you to Google Drive. ...

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How to Convert PDF Text to Word Free on Mac OS X

Convert PDF to Word on Mac with Automator

How to convert text in a PDF into Microsoft Word format on Mac OS X using the Automator app. ...

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Apple Pages 5 Tutorial 2014 [Video]

Apple Pages 5 Tutorial 2014

An Apple Pages 5 video tutorial for 2014 to serve as an introduction to using Pages. ...

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Online Typing Course – Tests, Practice Lessons and Instruction [Video]

Online Typing Course

This online touch typing course include typing tests, practice lessons and keyboard typing instruction to help users increase their typing speed and computing efficiency. ...

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Google Drive / Google Docs User Interface Tour 2014 [Video]

Google Drive Docs User Interface 2014

A Google Drive / Google Docs user interface tour for 2014 showing the location of all of Google Drive's primary features. ...

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Google Drive Introduction and Overview 2014 [Video]

Google Drive Introduction 2014 Video

An introduction video to Google Drive / Google Docs including the primary benefits and features of Google Drive. ...

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Google Docs and Google Drive Tutorial 2014 [Video]

Google Drive Tutorial 2014

A Google Drive and Google Docs quick start tutorial for the 2014 Google Drive user interface. ...

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