10 Ways to Piss Off the IT Guy

The top 10 ways to piss off and anger the IT guy in your organization.

Finding ways to piss off your IT guy probably isn’t the best idea – in fact, its probably better to look at the list below as things to not do in order to avoid pissing him off.

Either way you want to look at it, as an IT professional, I hear it all- from the most valid problems to the least valid.

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I know that there are a lot of these lists already on the web but I figured I’d create one based on my own personal experiences.

Without further adieu, here is the list of the…

Top 10 Ways to Piss Off the IT Guy:

  1. Fail to mentions problems during normal work hours but always bring them up on breaks, at lunch or 5 minutes before closing.
  2. Be too lazy to write an email of a problem but call the IT guy over when he is walking by – obviously on the way to solve a separate problem.
  3. Assume that your issue is the most important one and that the IT guy will drop everything right away to fix it.
  4. Become irritated when a problem is not solved right away – believe it or not, a certain amount of time is needed to solve every single problem.
  5. Attempt to fix a problem yourself (thinking that you’ll save the IT guys some time), only to make the original issue even worse.
  6. Email your IT guy with a non-descriptive, super-general statement about a problem such as, “my computer won’t work”.
  7. Assume that the IT guy is aware of every issue – even when nobody has brought it to his attention.
  8. Assume that every technological issue that arises is somehow the fault of the IT guy – sometimes it is, usually it isn’t.
  9. Call the IT guy instead of emailing him and start your first sentence with, “this isn’t a big deal but…”. Then why are you calling?!
  10. Make every issue sound like its the end of the world – it only makes the IT guy think that none of your issues are really that important.

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