A blog progress report on AnsonAlex.com including statistics, tips and strategies that have worked.

In the video above, I discuss the progress of AnsonAlex.com and the AnsonAlex brand since I began blogging in January of 2011.

I compare the RPM rates between my YouTube channel and my actual print blog.

I also share some of the strategies that I have found useful in the last year and half. Even if you don’t care about AnsonAlex.com, the video is probably worth watching just for those blogging tips.

Many people are afraid to give away their blogging secrets but my whole intention when I started blogging was to increase the overall knowledge of the World so I’m not holding anything back!

Thank you all so much for your support!

Anson Alexander

Anson Alexander is a blogger, author, SEO expert, teacher, and tech geek. As the founder of AnsonAlex.com, Anson works full time writing, editing, and producing content for his site and providing technical and business services to clients. He has a BS in international business and information systems from the University of Tampa. In his free time, Anson plays video games, enjoys nature, spends time at the beach, and loves to travel.

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