DailyInfographic.com Scam – Publishers Beware

The dailyinfographic.com will try to scam you into paying to have your infographic published on their site and then post it regardless of whether you pay not, without attribution.

The DailyInfographic is a site that specializes in republishing infographics on a regular basis.

About a month ago, I published an infographic on how to use parts of a broken cell phone as survival tools.

In order to promote my content and provide internet users with some valuable information, I sent an email to most of the “popular” infographic sites, including the dailyinfographic, letting them know that they could repost my content with proper attribution.

I received a response from most of them that I would have to pay money for my infographic to be posted. Most of them asked for between $20 and $100 but the dailyinfographic asked fro $350.

I don’t feel as though I should have to pay for someone else to use my content (No, I’m not an idiot) so I brushed off the emails and did not respond to them.

Recently, I began a Google search to see who had reposted my infographic and to see what type of response it had received on other sites.

I was happy to see that a number of other sites had republished by infographic and provided proper attribution.

I was also very surprised to see that the dailyinfographic.com had published my infographic despite not receiving a $350 payment from me. On top of the fact that they had tried to get me to pay a ridiculous amount of money for them to use my content, they did not provide proper attribution.

If they had provided proper attribution, I probably would have just patted myself on the back for not falling victim to their infographic publishing scam. The fact that they did not provide attribution however, despite receiving a formal email from me containing the original link of the infographic, has angered me quite a bit.

As a publisher that does repost others’ content from time to time, I make sure that I find the original source of the content, provide attribution and never ask the content provider to pay me. That would be like a record label paying you to steal their music – it just doesn’t work that way.

In summary, here is my publishing experience with dailyinfographic.com:

  1. I sent a formal email giving the site permission to repost my infographic with proper attribution.
  2. I received an email informing me that I would have to pay $350 for my infographic to be published.
  3. After realizing I wasn’t going to pay the ridiculous amount, they decided to take advantage of my content and publish it anyway.
  4. Despite the formal email I sent them, proper attribution was not given on my content.

In conclusion, if you’re a publisher looking to promote your content, do not fall victim to the dailyinfographic publishing scam.

If I hear anything from dailyinfographic or they decide to provide attribution, I will update this post accordingly.

Anson Alexander

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