Facebook is ruining marriages and destroying lives everywhere! What can we do to stop it?

Facebook is ruining marriages and destroying lives all across the World!

Men and women alike are practicing some innocent infidelity and because of Facebook their significant others are seeing pictures that cause the relationship to end.

I mean come on, do your mistress’s friends really need to be posting dozens of photos to Instagram of you and your not-so-significant other – before you’ve even left the club?!

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What can we possibly do to remedy this situation?

Well, after some deep thinking and intense research, I have found a solution to the Facebook ruining marriages epidemic!

Don’t do it in the first place smartypants!

Are you really going to go and cheat on your wife and then have the audacity to blame it on an inanimate online networking site?

Facebook isn’t ruining marriages – people are ruining marriages and thanks to Facebook, we’re finally finding out about it.

I wrote an article a few months ago on how social media increases personal accountability and if there is anything good that is to come out of the social media revolution, it may be this!

If you don’t have the morals and values to be faithful to your husband or wife to begin with, then maybe the fact that almost anything you do in the 21st century is caught on camera and, in one way or another, is available for upload to Facebook will stop you.

This is not to say it is your fault that your marriage was ruined because some psycho stalker from the pet shop deliberately photoshopped some fake photos of you and her getting close at the beach and then continued to tag your wife in each and every one of them.

If that is the case then I wish you the best of luck in remedying the situation and offer my full array of technical skills in any way that I may be able to help.

If the pictures are real though, think more about what you did and less about why they were uploaded to Facebook.

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