Facebook Loading Slow 2012

Facebook has been loading slow today on both the Facebook.com domain and has been causing external web pages hooked up to the Facebook API to display a "waiting for www.facebook.com" message.

Update 10/25/2012:

One of my readers recently reported that a Google Chrome plugin was causing her Facebook to be slow.

The plugin is called SocialReviver 3.15 and it reverts the Facebook interface and chat back to an older version of Facebook. After disabling the plugin, Facebook began loading at a normal speed. It may be a good idea to restart your browser after disabling the plugin – just to be safe.

This is the second time that I’ve reported on a Google Chrome plugin causing problems in Facebook. I have an article regarding the “ads not by Facebook problem” cause by a Google Chrome plugin that ads additional advertisements to Facebook profiles.

Please let me know how the above solution works out in the comments section below!

Update 09/26/2012:

Facebook is again loading very slow and has been for the past week. I have had a huge influx of users commenting and reading this post because Facebook either does not load at all or takes a very long time.

I have heard users report that the Facebook slowness is happening regardless of what browser they use and / or what type of network connection they’re using.

Generally, when Facebook or another web-based service incurs problems such as this, it is because of an update or modification to the service.

There are two possible reasons that I can come up with as to why Facebook has been running slow this week.

Irish regulators have recently forced Facebook to tighten up their privacy, specifically with their facial recognition feature to avoid legal penalties by Irish regulators.

Also, there have been concerns that private messages from some Facebook users have been appearing publicly on their Facebook walls. It turns out that the reports were false but that did not stop Facebook engineers from investigating the reports and has also caused a lot of concern from international agencies regarding privacy.

Based on these two events, Facebook engineers are surely updating some privacy features which, in turn, may be causing some of the slow loading problems reported by users.

Also, there may be an increased number of automated scans being performed on Facebook’s servers by national and international government agencies which could – depending on the quantity of scans – cause a spike in traffic enough for Facebook users to notice slowness.

If you have any additional information regarding why Facebook may be loading slow or details regarding your specific experience, please let me know in the comments section below.

Update 08/30/2012:

Facebook appears to be having loading problems again tonight. I first noticed the issue around 9:00pm EST and it is occurring when trying to load any page or widget associated with the facebook.com domain.

If you are also experiencing problems, please post a comment with as much information you can provide, specifically when you began having issues, so we can determine how widespread the issue is and search for solutions.

Update 05/31/2012: Facebook is having loading issues again tonight according to many users.

Ironically, Facebook filed for their IPO only two weeks ago. Since then, their stock price has been plummeting – Do they realize it doesn’t help when their website doesn’t load properly either?

I will update this post with any further details. If you have any information about the problem that you think will help other users, please post it in the comments section below.

Update 02/07/2012: Facebook has been rolling out a new photo viewer over the last week that may be contributing to the “slowness” of Facebook lately.

Regardless, the issue seems to be less widespread for the time being – any further developments will be added to this article.

Please inform me through the comments section below if you think the Facebook slowness issue has resurfaced.

Facebook Loading Problem:

As many of you have probably noticed, there seems to be a problem with slowness on Facebook today.

The problem is evident when both using Facebook itself or accessing a site that interfaces with Facebook’s API – any site on the web with a Facebook like button.

I have noticed on multiple pages not affiliated with Facebook, that they will not finish loading and instead, continue to display a “waiting for www.facebook.com” message in the page load status indicator at the bottom of my browser.

This problem has also been verified by some of my colleagues.

It is one thing for Facebook to be slow or have issues when a user is actually using the Facebook.com domain. It is another thing when almost every page on the internet is having trouble loading completely because it is hooked up to the Facebook API.

I will be keeping an eye on this issue throughout the day and updating this post when more information is available.

If you have any details on the issue, please leave them in the comments section below.

It would be great to hear how widespread and severe the Facebook loading issue is.

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