Facebook Timeline Top Notification Toolbar and Buttons Missing 2013

My Facebook notification buttons and toolbar is missing!

The Facebook Timeline top notification buttons and toolbar is missing!

Update (01/25/2013): This problem is occurring for many users again today! Please leave details of your specific problem in the comments section below so we can try to find any correlations.

A great tip was left by one of my readers if you’re on a shared computer and need to log out of Facebook. Go to facebook.com/login and even though you will get an error because that page doesn’t exist, the top bar should still be visible allowing you to log out of your account.

This post will be updated as more details regarding the top blue bar being missing on Facebook come out!

Update (01/18/2013): This problem seems to be occurring intermittently today. Based on visitor traffic patterns to this article, the problem seems to be less widespread than before. I actually experienced the problem briefly on my Facebook account but, after a page refresh, the problem was resolved.

Please leave any details and information regarding your particular issue in the comments section below so we can evaluate the problem and try to find some causes and solutions.

This article will be updated as more information is available.

Original problem / bug report (May 2012):

This is the bug that a lot of Facebook users have been complaining about for the last week or so.

This comes after a few other bugs such the Facebook homepage continuously refreshing for IE users and the Facebook Timeline profile page is displaying as blank for many users.

This new issue, where the Facebook Timeline notification bar is missing, still does not have a resolution.

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The problem seems to be affecting users regardless of what internet browser they’re using. I’ve heard reports of Chrome users, Firefox users, IE users and Safari users experiencing the exact same problem.

Some users are able to solve the problem quickly by refreshing the page or by logging out and back in to their Facebook accounts.

It has also been reported that if you mouse over the area (at the top of your screen) where the toolbar should be, the buttons are actually clickable – even though they’re invisible to the user.

If you’ve tried refreshing and logging in and out to no avail, you’ll have to guess where the buttons are for not until Facebook patches the bug or a workaround is found.

I will update this article as soon as a solution or workaround is found to the Facebook Timeline notification toolbar missing bug.

If you have any more details or information regarding the issue, please let us know in the comments section below!

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