Google Plus One Button Updated to Allow Sharing / Commenting From Outside Google+

Google recently made an update to their plus one button located on external websites. Users can now share a post from outside of Google+.

Google recently made an update to their plus one button located on external websites.

Previously, if a user “+1ed” a page or article, the post would not be shared on their Google Plus account. Instead it would show up in a list of all the sites and pages that they’ve “+1ed”.

Today however, I noticed that pressing the +1 button while logged into my Google account would make a Google+ share box pop up.

Unlike the Facebook like button, Google+ users actually have the option of whether or not they would like to share the post on their Google+ profile. If a Facebook user “likes” a post, the article or page is automatically shared on their wall.

The Google+ share box that pops up is exactly the same as the steam update box within Google+:

From the pop up box, the user can select which circles he or she would like to share the post with. The user can also add a comment to the post and select the desired thumbnail- all from outside of Google+!

This feature will be great for sharing content and enhancing the process of information sharing.

You may have seen my recent article that explains how Facebook copied Google’s privacy management features. I would expect Facebook to copy Google in regards to the new external sharing options as well.

The new Google Plus One button with enhanced sharing features is just another innovation in the spread of information through social media!

Anson Alexander

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