Google's top black menu bar isn't missing but it has moved to a different location.

The Google top black menu bar appears to be missing but the app icons have just moved to different part of the screen.

Right when it appears that Google users have become comfortable navigating between Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube and other Google Apps by using the long black bar at the top of users’s screen in any app, Google has decided to move it.

I have only noticed it in one of my accounts so far – the other accounts still have the black bar.

If the past tells us anything, it is that once Google begins publicly rolling out an update to one of their apps, there’s no turning back.

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The apps previously listed on Google’s top black toolbar are now listed in a dropdown menu to the left of the Google+ notifications dropdown.

So far, the black menu in all of my Google Apps for Business accounts remains at the top of the screen. I’m sure it is only a waiting game at this point!

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