Siri and other voice recognition interfaces will make using phones and other devices much easier for older generations.

The emergence of voice recognition applications and user interfaces such as Siri, will change the world for older generations.

I work with people of all different ages as a technology professional and I am constantly reminded of the generational gap in regards to technology usage.

There are many factors that contribute to younger generations gaining an advantage when it comes to using technology.

The two primary factors that contribute to the generational gap in using technology are:

  1. Older generations do not always know where to go on their device to perform an action
  2. Older generations cannot perform actions as quickly on devices – slower typing capabilities

With the emergence of voice recognition software, the two primary factors above will no longer be as evident.

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User will simply ask their device a question or order it to perform an action with their voices. There isn’t much of a difference in the speed at which younger and older generations speak so the speed variable will no longer be an issue.

Users will also have to interact much less with graphical interfaces, therefore solving the problem of “not knowing where to go”.

It is also important to realize that this is just the beginning of voice recognition software. Over the next 5-10 years we will see the emergence of voice recognition applications that control our laptops, cars and even kitchen appliances.

I actually predict that, in the very near future, voice recognition software will evolve into software that reads brain waves.

In other words, yes, there will be a time where you can control your electronic devices simply by thinking.

In conclusion, older generations should really be excited about what is coming in the future. The learning curve for many applications will be simplified greatly by voice recognition software.

Anson Alexander

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