Try Spotify Premium with Free Trial

Recently, Spotify has been offering a 30-Day Free Trial of their Spotify Premium service.

Ever since Spotify was introduced into the US market, I’ve been using it when working from a desktop computer or laptop. When I am in my car however, I use Pandora because only Spotify Premium subscribers have access to Spotify on mobile devices.

Recently however, Spotify has been offering a “30-Day Free Trial“. The offer is not just for new members. If you already have been using the regular version of Spotify, you can still upgrade to a 30-day free trial.

Remember to cancel the trial!

Unfortunately, the free trial offered by Spotify is one of those, “Give us your card number and we will only charge you if you don’t cancel before the end of the trial”.

That being said, it is pretty cool to have mobile access to Spotify for a month so you might as well take advantage of this offer while its still on the table.

Personally, I am not ready to spend $15 a month on a music service so I will cancel my trial before it renews and will go back to using Pandora on my mobile device.

Hopefully Spotify will soon realize how much money they could be making through advertisements by allowing users to have free access to the mobile version. Until then, enjoy the Spotify Premium Free Trial while it lasts!

Don’t forget to start using the Spotify App for Facebook!

Anson Alexander

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