Unofficial Google Plus User Directory Launched [Google+]

An unofficial Google+ directory has been floating around the streams of Google Plus today.

An unofficial Google+ directory has been floating around the streams of Google Plus today. The site is located at and currently has about 950,000 people indexed in the directory.

Recent statistics show that the user base of Google+ has passed 10 million so only about 10% of Google+ users are listed in this directory.

Google has made it a requirement that by the end of July, all users must display certain profile information (name and gender) publicly. Those who do not follow suite will have their profile deleted. Expect the number of people listed in the database to increase immensely after that time!

The scary part isn’t that everyone is listed publicly as you pretty much allow that just by signing up for Google+. At you can search for people based on the following demographic attributes:

Google Plus User Demographics

  • Relationship Status
  • Gender
  • Relationship Status
  • What Relationship People are “Looking For”
  • Relationship Status
  • Number of Followers
  • Occupation
  • On Twitter
  • On Facebook
  • Country, State and/or City

It is important to note that this is just the beginning of external sites using publicly listed information in Google to create directories.

User information is the most important commodity on the interent these days and Google’s requirement that your profile be listed publicly is no doubt a way to leverage peoples’ information for marketing advertising purposes.

The directory also has a very interesting Google+ statistics page. The following information is listed in this section:

Google Plus Statistics

  • Gender Distribution
  • Top 10 Occupations on Google+
  • Top 10 Cities
  • Top 10 Countries
  • Users “looking” for love by gender

The most awesome feature of the entire site, in my opinion, is the lovely map that serves as the featured image for this blog post.

It shows us in graphic form, where all of the Google+ users are located around the World. Is pretty clear that, geographically speaking, Google+ is spreading very fast!

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