My experience attending WebCongress Miami 2013 and Miami Tech Bash 2013 in a new 2104 Toyota Corolla. Great speakers, lots of information, cool gadgets and a sweet ride!

I recently attended WebCongress Miami 2013 and Tech Bash Miami 2013 and was able to experience the 2-day event in a 2014 Toyota Corolla. Southeast Toyota Distributors asked me to document my experience at the event and with the Corolla and to have fun doing it!

WebCongress is the first tech event / expo that I have ever experienced and it has convinced me to attend many more. The first day of WebCongress consisted of presentations from major tech companies such as Google, Blackberry and Microsoft. The lineup also included local startup VentureHive founder Dr. Susan Amat and 13 year old Jordan Casey from Casey Games.

An incredible amount of information shared at the conference ranging from local initiatives and trends to remote working and mobile development. I plan on publishing a video within the next week regarding the most intriguing topics discussed at the event so stay tuned!

Later on in the evening, I attended Miami Tech Bash and Holiday Summit at Marlins Park! The exposition featured 3D printing devices, 3D gaming, new cloud storage technologies, security camera demos and more. Check out the video above for some great footage from the expositions.

The 2014 Toyota Corolla served as a great ride to get to and from the event. The stretch of I95 between Miami and Fort Lauderdale can be quite congested so it is nice to have a compact car to better manage the traffic. Check out my video review of some of the cool features of the 2014 Toyota Corolla:

It rained my entire way home from Miami on Friday evening and the car handled the driving conditions without a hitch. It also helped me maneuver through the rush hour traffic.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the swag from WebCongress Miami was awesome!

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Anson Alexander

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