4 Storefront Strategies for Cyber Monday

Storefront Strategies Cyber Monday

There are lots of things you need to include in your online storefront, ranging from particularly important pieces of information to beautiful splash photos you want to showcase.

However, during Cyber Monday, your page is prime real estate. You only have a few seconds to grab shoppers’ attention, so here are four elements you should plan on featuring on your landing page on Cyber Monday.

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Strong but Limited Text

The written word is one of the most important ways of conveying data, but you can’t go overboard. Text on your front page should be clear and rich in information. If you can have text that isn’t made of images, this is even better, since one of the top concerns you need to address before Cyber Monday is how fast your page loads, according to Entrepreneur.

Most online store templates will include areas to string text as banners or announcement, and this is where you want to put your most important messages. During Cyber Monday, one of the essential components of your storefront is the best deals you’re offering, spelled out in simple, plain language.

If you’re offering 10 percent off on all purchases about $50, for example, then that should be spelled out and presented clearly on your front page. For text that appears on your storefront, you can also use a strong font. While you don’t want your product descriptions to be in an exotic, hard to read font, you do want to think about text as a design aesthetic on the front page.

Endorsements from Other Vendors

Using a preexisting and trusted name in your industry is a great way to inspire customer trust and increase visibility, according to Huffington Post. If you’ve gotten an endorsement or received recognition from a well-known industry expert, association, or provider, use their logo on your storefront.

Don’t let it take up a huge amount of graphic space, but if it will appeal to shoppers and gain their trust more easily, put it up. This depends on how much of a reputation the particular association has. For example, if you’re an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, this is a name that American shoppers will recognize.

It provides a certain level of security, so it’s a good thing to put on your page, even if it’s not a direct endorsement. If you do have endorsements from leaders or thinkers in your field, though, find a small place to convey that information as well.

Visual Appeal

The front of your store has to be splashy and visually appealing. A little eye candy can go a long way, but you have to have the content and product to back it up. The idea is to reel shoppers in, though, by using aesthetic that are hard-hitting and interesting to the eye.

Depending your business, you might want to feature a macro image of a product detail, or a particularly attractive piece of art. If you deal with something that’s more tech-based than art, then you might have a strong color or bold template design that gets messages across firmly. If you have a camera that’s on special, for example, stamping the product image and the Cyber Monday special price boldly in the middle of your page makes a strong statement.

When information is conveyed to shoppers in a clear way, they feel a sense of security since the offers they’re seeking are laid out in front of them in plain view. What earns that response, though, is having a strong visual on your storefront.

Cyber Monday Offers

Put your deals out there first and foremost. The reason shoppers are passing through your store on Cyber Monday are to take advantages of deep discounts, so you want to make sure that your store is clearly advertising them. Another essential is to use a reliable web hosting server.

If you’re hosted on a large eCommerce site, such as Shopify, this shouldn’t pose a problem, but make sure your store will be able to handle the increased traffic, advises Huffington Post. The last thing you want is for your online store to go down on the busiest eCommerce shopping day of the year. Your site should be able to handle heavy traffic, though, so you may want to run some diagnostics tests depending on where you’re hosted. If you use an analytics engine, you can also analyze your data at the end of the day, since it will provide useful information about shoppers’ habits to help you plan for next year.

You need a template that will get all the most important information across on Cyber Monday and make a bold, aesthetic statement. Whether you’re using graphic text or a visually appealing splash image, you need to have your storefront so customers will be encouraged to click and navigate your site.

There are a number of ways to draw people in, but having a good layout with clear information is the best start.

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