Attracting Users to Your Business Website

Attracting Users to Business Website

Getting traffic to your website is not too difficult. But, getting buyers to your site is.

Most small businesses waste time with social media gimmickry and pay-per-click ad platforms that they have no business being on. The key to getting customers is still compelling and usable content. But, usability and “compelling content” seem to be very subjective terms.

Here’s how to sort the wheat from the stock, and get yourself a competent content manager who knows what he or she’s doing.

Ditch The Hype

Hype-filled sales copy used to work when the Internet was fresh and young. People would believe anything. It was truly weird. The long-form sales letters that Dan Kennedy used to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products and services no longer work the way that they used to.

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The reason is subtle, but somewhat simple. As sites like Facebook and Twitter have become more popular, users’ attention spans have gotten shorter. You can’t expect people to sit down and read a 20-page sales letter anymore, especially not when they typically have 10 browser tabs open, are listening to something on iTunes, and have tweets and texts coming in on their smartphone.

There’s just too many distractions, and people (unfortunately) allow themselves to be distracted. So, what you need to have is a short, powerful, but informative piece of copy to “rope” them in.

You’re going to have prospects that want to know more about your product or service and, for them, you can certainly delve into long-form copy. But for most people, you’re going to have to keep things short.

How do you do this? You do it through email or text-message marketing. Short texts or emails can be sent to your prospective customers that keep them coming back for videos, short blog posts, and “snippets” of content that wet their appetite. People who want more information can read your online sales page or brochure.

Stop Giving Away Free Information

Content does want to be free, but people don’t always value free information. It’s been done to death. So, when you see someone offering yet another “free report” in exchange for your email, just know that that company’s marketing is running on fumes.

Part of the problem is that so many marketers have taken advantage of the “free report” scheme, and turned it into a marketing gimmick. Users are wise to the thin-content in free reports, and they no longer want to give up their primary email in exchange for thin material and a never-ending pitch fest.

Marketing firms, like Yodle, have realized this. That’s why they often take full control over their clients’ marketing initiative, redesigning everything right down to the website.

If you hope to survive, you have to offer something of value. Try offering a “free report” without asking for users’ emails. Then, at the end of the report, ask for users to sign up to your email list. If you’re offering stellar information, you’ll get more signups because you’ve already earned their trust.

Send Out Press Releases

Press releases have an amazing ability to generate traffic, and they’re often underutilized. The problem here is that most businesses use press releases to directly sell to people or to garner backlinks for better search rankings.

If you have something newsworthy to say, or something important that’s relevant to your target market, then a press release could earn you a wave of traffic that turns into a steady stream.

Get a Good Content Manager

Content managers, good content managers that is, know how to use blogger outreach programs to score some sweet guest posts opportunities for you. When you partner with a blogger in your niche, or in a niche complementary to yours, who already has an audience, a good guest blog post could be just what you need to boost traffic on your site.

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