Bad Mobile Phone Signal? Try a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

mobile phone signal booster

Recent surveys prove that more than 50% of Americans suffer from poor cellular reception signals on their mobile phones, creating inconveniences and irritation for their colleagues and families. It happens in spite of the service providers’ attempts to add more towers and to expand coverage zones; people still continue to complain about the quality of communication, dropped calls and broken contacts.

What is really happening? How can the issue be solved?

Possible Causes of Weak Service

Before trying to solve the problem linked to a bad mobile phone signal, it is necessary to find out what is causing dropped calls and poor call quality while using a mobile phone. They can be caused by two primary factors: the high distance from the receiving tower (the farther you are from the company tower, the more likely you are to have any signal problems); the other one is the presence of various obstacles like walls, basements, different hardware and machinery etc. Such natural or artificial barriers prevent a strong signal from reaching users in its full strength.

Methods to Deal with Poor Mobile Phone Perception

It has been proven that one of the best techniques to get rid of a weak mobile phone signal is to use a mobile phone signal booster. Find more information about this device at MyAmplifiers.

Mobile phone boosters have been specially designed to combat weak mobile phone signals. Their main target is to amplify a weak signal and improve it despite of all the obstructions around.

The gadget modifies the signal received by a mobile phone by connecting with the tower and reflecting the signal to the phone enhancing quality of calls with a stronger signal.

Choosing the Right Booster for Your Needs

When choosing a mobile phone signal booster, you have to know the place where you are going to install it. There are various amplifiers with different characteristics for different locations. For instance, the market offers GSM boosters, Wi-Fi boosters, signal amplifies for cars, lorries, offices and small houses. You can find a gadget for any situation and place. They are produced in such a variety because their specific features for various situations.

It should be mentioned that each country is likely to have different frequencies for mobile phone companies. While selecting a booster for yourself, do take notice of your country frequency rates, otherwise the purchased tool may turn out to be absolutely useless.

An Innovative Sticker Booster

Recently, special stickers have started being produced that can be attached to the battery of a mobile phone. The producers claim that, by using them, they will intensify the power of the built-in antenna and your signal will become stronger. Unfortunately, there has not been any research on these products and their efficiency. There are only a few reviews on the quality of the stickers and they are quite controversial.

After several years of close and thorough work with mobile phone boosters, many experts claim that they are one of the best methods to enhance a poor cell phone signal. These devices have been approved by FCC in the USA and are now open to more customers.

At the moment when people complain that they still do feel hassled by dropped or missed calls and a bad mobile connection, a mobile phone signal booster may help you forget about your mobile phone troubles forever. If you’re a fan of the newest tech gadgets you may even wants to try out the mobile phone signal stickers that seems to work in some situations when the cellular signal is not strong.

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