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Facebook Announces Group Chat, Video Chat, and a New Buddy List Design

Mark Zuckerburg spent 20 minutes talking about the evolution of social media on Wednesday, before announcing three new features for Facebook:

  • Group Chat
  • New Interface Design
  • Video Chat

There were no real big surprises in the announcement. Everyone knew video chat was coming due to the partnership between Facebook and Skype (Microsoft). Google+ features group video chat which Facebook is not going to offer yet.

The new interface design is mainly dealing with each user’s “buddy list” but is not a surprise either. Companies need to change things up to keep people interested.

Group chat will be a cool feature but it is nothing that Google+ doesn’t feature as well.

I was hoping for something big that nobody predicted coming. Unfortunately all of those articles you read yesterday that predicted what Facebook was going to announce, were all right.

Anson Alexander

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3 Responses to "Facebook Announces Group Chat, Video Chat, and a New Buddy List Design"

  1. james escalona says:

    need a video chat awesome

  2. Arl Rafhael B. Echalar says:

    I Want To Back My Old Facebook Profile I Hate Timeline

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