Sync Your Google Apps Data with the hiTask App

Sync Google Apps hiTask

The innovative hiTask App allows users to sync their Google Apps data into one intuitive dashboard displaying data from Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts all in one place!

If Getting Things Done and Google Sync Had a Baby…

They would conceive an app such as hiTask. Managing tasks and projects couldn’t get any easier now that hiTask can sync Google’s services such as Google Calendar, Contacts, and Gmail all within one intuitive dashboard! Also, it allows you to use it on smartphones based on iOS and Android as well as any computer with a web browser

There’s basically no learning curve to using it and all of your data is accessible from anywhere thanks to cloud technology, so no need to worry about having a specific device at hand.

Who is hiTask for?

Well, if you’re on this site, you’re probably the ideal candidate for this app, but busy professionals are typically those that would find hiTask a miracle worker. Especially those that have tried other solutions and just gave up due to the high learning curve or a buggy platform.

Project managers would love this app since it can manage entire teams seamlessly throughout nearly any device! If you’re looking to get started with the Getting Things Done techniques by David Allen, this tool is a godsend!

Anyone that has been putting things off, but never getting things done could benefit from this simple-to-use, yet business-grade task management application and to-do-list software.

Here’s a review done by the on the iPhone:

As you can see, it’s very user-friendly and packs some amazing features only found on more expensive services.

If you want a more in-depth review, here’s one done on a computer done by Michelle Nickolaisen of

What can I do with it?

Pretty much anything that requires to-do lists and task management such as:

  • Project Management
  • Online Team Collaboration
  • Personal To Do List
  • Time Tracking / Reporting
  • Cloud-based / Cross-Platform Task Management

How will I benefit from hiTask?

hiTask Benefits

Have you ever seen the movie Limitless?

Well, it’s kind of like what the protagonist goes through, but without any drugs involved. Yes, you will feel somewhat superhuman once you master the art of productivity, but that takes time. Why not start the New Year off right by creating a to-do list of those things you’ve been putting off for months? If you’re a project manager then bring your entire team over to this amazingly powerful platform and watch in awe how your team drastically increases their efficiency!

You can download the app in the App Store for iPhones and iPad devices:
hiTask App for iOS

For Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy and Nexus 7, visit the Google Play Store:
hiTask App for Android

Those that need customer support and more versatility can visit and sign up for free.

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