The Best Software to Optimize Your Internet Speed

Optimize Internet Speed

What are the best software solutions to optimize my internet speed?

If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re not alone.

Browsing the internet can be a lot of fun; however, that fun can often turn to frustration when you are trying to watch a movie, play an online game or stream live video, only to find that your internet connection just isn’t up to the job.

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There are various ways of solving this, none better than having fiber optic broadband cables installed. However, this isn’t always possible due to costs or availability.

Here are a couple of different ways of speeding up your internet using software products, so that the next time you go online to play your favorite game or chat with a relative on the other side of the world, you’re not left with a screen that is constantly buffering or freezing.

1. Perfect Optimizer:

A program specifically designed to clean and speed up your computer. This piece of software is easy to install and has a variety of different functions all devised to aide in the smooth running and performance of your computer. The program works automatically to repair damaged files and invalid short cuts. Whilst this isn’t a dedicated program for internet speed, cleaning up your PC will definitely help.

As well as removing unwanted files, Perfect Optimizer also works to organize programs, speed up startup, as well as aiding with defragmentation of the system hard drive. It’s system cleaning software is also handy, as it will help increase hard drive availability, which will assist in improving your internet speed.

Another good aspect to PO is that it can help solve Windows related problems.

If you aren’t the type who tends to be proactive when it comes to updating security then that is another problem this software solution will solve as PO will automatically takes care of that for you. By scanning and updating installed programs, you won’t have to. This will help avoid any unwanted viruses that are a major cause of slowing down your internet speed.

2. Throttle:

This piece of software upgrades your computer so that it immediately runs quicker and smoother.

By boosting the performance of your router and speeding up your internet, Throttle will make changes that will have you playing online games, downloading updates for your consoles and watching live streaming without you having to book an extra day off work just to do it.

Some of the changes Throttle makes include increasing the buffer size, allowing data to be transferred quicker to your PC or laptop, whilst at the same time decreasing latency.

3. Google Chrome:

Despite being quite slow and glitchy when it was first released, Google Chrome is the stand-out browser for speed now and if you are looking for fast internet, then this is the browser to install.

Like any of the major browsers it is easy to install and it is as quick as any other browser on the market and very smooth due to its lightweight design.

Regardless of the program or software you install, if you want your internet to run quickly, then you really need to look after your hardware, watch what sites you visit and defragment your computer from time to time.

Basic computer maintenance will help with speeds and ensure that, alongside your programs, your computer is working to optimum efficiency.

It is also important to do a internet speed test from time to time as sometimes the slow speed can be caused by your internet provider not living up to what they have promised.

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