The Best Ways to Accept Payments Online For Your Web Design Business

Best Ways Accept Payments Online

When you are accepting payments online for your web designing ventures, you need to make sure your customers have an easy way of submitting payments to you in a seamless manner. There are many different methods for your clients to pay you for your services online.

What you need to consider is how secure each of these options are, and which of these different payment gateway options are right for your customers and yourself as well. How quickly you receive payments is a very important thing, and minimal processing time for your customers as well as enhanced security for them should be of utmost priority.

Paypal As A Payment Gateway

One of the most popular payment gateways for online businesses is Paypal. For a web designer of any type, be it freelance or employed by a company on a regular basis, Paypal is extremely convenient method of accepting payment as your buyers can split payments for your services. This is useful for jobs that require a downpayment, with the rest of the payment due later upon completion.

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Your buyers will feel comfortable in knowing that Paypal is the leading payment processor online, with a vast amount of customer service available, as well as the ability to dispute transactions as need be. You as the seller also have a great deal of protection, as Paypal can make sure that your buyer’s account has not been compromised, preventing identity theft and a great deal of lost income.

BitPay Is Another Great Option

When accepting payments for your web design ventures, you can also consider Bitpay. There are many different options for a bitcoin payment processor, but Bitpay is the most prolific in order to let online merchants accept bitcoins.

Bitcoins are a method of online, peer-to-peer currency, and it is especially useful for international transactions. Bitcoins guarantee that you are not experiencing any fraudulent transactions, which are far more prevalent overseas. If your buyer is overseas, consider using Bitpay as it will make for a much more seamless transaction for both of you due to the increased security and the peer-to-peer aspect of it allows for a lack of interference from third party banks, unlike with unsafe wire transfers.

Avoid the Use of Bank Transfers

While Paypal and Bitpay are two great ways to actually accept payments, you should realize that there are several unsafe options as well to avoid. When dealing with online transactions for your web design business ventures, you should avoid using actual bank-to-bank transactions as it is extremely unsafe for both you and your buyer.

There is always the chance that you are dealing with some sort of fraudulent activity, and so be wary of customers that insist on using wire transfers directly to your bank account. Once they have your actual bank account information, you could be in for a scare if they manage to find out more of your information. The best way to protect yourself and your buyers is to go through an actual payment gateway.

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