Thrifty Tech: Simply Smart Ways to Save on Printer Ink

Save on Printer Ink

It would be fair to say that a number of us view printer ink as a precious commodity and something we should try to use as sparingly as possible.

One of the basic ways of saving on your printing costs is to choose a printer that is best suited to your needs.

If you are printing out thousands of documents each month then a laser printer would probably work out cheaper on ink costs, but an inkjet can be more economical for lower volumes.

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That is just one fundamental way of keeping a lid on your printer costs and gaining as much time as possible before ordering your next supply of Brother Ink Cartridges or whichever brand of print consumables you happen to need.

Here are some other ideas and tips to consider, that will help you print smarter and save money on your printer ink costs.

Use draft mode

Many of us print out a document that is just for our own reference and therefore doesn’t always need to be of a superior print finish quality.

Take a moment before you click on the print button, to decide if you can switch your printer to draft or fast mode. The print quality will obviously not be as good as it could be, but the text and images will be perfectly legible. More importantly, you will have improved the lifespan of your print cartridge and saved wasting ink by stopping to think and changing the print option to draft or fast mode.

Do you need a color photo?

Another potential saving can be made if you don’t really need the photo that is on a page of text of text, to be in color.

If you are not interested in the photo, don’t waste valuable ink by printing it out in color when you don’t need to. Change the printer preference to grayscale or monochrome, so that the picture prints in black and white rather than wasting precious color ink.

Choose your font wisely

You will probably be surprised what a difference a font can make in ink usage.

Some fonts use up a lot more ink than others and although you would need to print out several thousands of pages to achieve significant savings, you can still reduce your ink costs by switching to a more economical font.

It is believed that Times New Roman and Garamond fonts are the most economical and Comic Sans and Verdana are two ink-hungry fonts that are best avoided if you are trying to save on printing costs.

Check your print options on web pages

Many of us want to print a page from the web and by pressing print, we end up printing literally everything on the web page including adverts, when all we really want is the text.

Look out for the print option that can be found on many web site. Using this option opens up a new page that contains just the text you want and cuts out all or most of the other content that you didn’t want to print anyway.

Printing web pages like this will make a difference to your ink usage and will probably save on paper waste too.
These are just a few ways to be thrifty with your printer ink. As it is such a valuable commodity, it makes sense to preserve its life for as long as possible thinking smartly before clicking on the print button.

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