Tips and Tricks for Operating the LG G4

LG G4 Tips Tricks

With its unique features, the LG G4 is one of the hottest smartphones on the market. Make the most out of your new phone with these tips and tricks

Change the Theme

Unlike other brands of smartphones, LG offers more customization so you can make your phone reflect your own personal style. The LG G4 comes with custom themes pre-installed, so use the Display option within Settings to look at the other options and make a change. You can also create new ones here by tapping on the blank window with the plus sign, then applying the new option once you like the layout.

Improve Your Selfie Game

You don’t need a selfie stick when you have an LG G4. With the wide angle lens on the forward-facing camera, along with the stabilization feature that minimizes blurriness, you can take perfect selfies no matter where you are. Another selfie-friendly feature is the gesture control, which allows you to place your fist in front of the camera to start the countdown and take a photo. Once the camera snaps your picture, bring your phone towards your face to view it instead of having to press the screen to get to the gallery.

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Keep It Locked

Instead of using the traditional PIN for locking and unlocking your phone, check out the knock code on the LG G4. You can set it up by navigating through Settings, Display, Lock Screen, and it allows you to tap a pattern on the screen to unlock and access your data. In case you forget the code or you want someone else to unlock your phone, you can set a backup PIN for quick access. Another perk of this phone is Smart Lock, which lets you swipe the screen of your connected Bluetooth device instead of entering the code.

Mobile Photography Perks

With Manual Mode, you can turn the pictures you take on your G4 into images that look like they came from your DSLR. It already has an excellent camera that takes clear, crisp photos, but in manual mode, you can select options to change the white balance, alter the ISO settings, adjust focus, and change the shutter speed. This mode is accessible from the camera app, within the box that looks like three squares stacked on top of each other.

Quick Shot

When your kid crawls for the first time or your pet does something hilarious, it can be tough to grab the phone, open the camera app, and snap a picture before he or she stops. With Quick Shot, you can set the camera as a shortcut key so you can open it instantly and capture the moment.

Minimize Icons

If you’re searching through hundreds of apps to find the one you want, you might like the idea of creating folders. Instead of having a bunch of apps on the home screen or limiting how many you can easily access, create a folder with a central theme and keep all related apps there.
The LG G4 has more customization options, making it easier to use your phone for just about anything you need.

Featured image via Flickr by Karlis Dambrans.

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