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What are the top smartphone apps for students using iPhones, iPads or Android devices?

You probably figured out that your iPhone or iPod touch can be an awesome way to waste time but with the right apps your phone can also help you get good grades on your classes, organize your time effectively and maximize your quality time you spend on “more important things” like your x-box.

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First of all, school is hectic and you have to manage your schedule.

Secondly as a student you need to find ways to manage your finances, your time, classes or better saying you need something that could help you to organize your life.

With thousands of apps developed specially for smartphones, there are a great number of apps that can be used for educational purposes.

In this article we will bring you the top smartphone apps for students. For those students who are fans of apple products, Mawista has created a great list of top iPhone applications for students which is worth a shot.

Top 6 Smartphone Apps for Students:


Our first app is called iStudiez, it is a great way to replace your day to day paper planner. It’s all digitally organized to keep track of your classes, your grades, your professors and the best part about it is that all stored in the cloud.

You do have to pay money, its 0.99$, but it is money well spent. Luckily there is a lite version that’s also free so you can get iStudiez without spending any money.

2. DropBox:

The second app that we have for you is called DropBox. You may have heard off, it is a cloud storage system where you can keep all kind of things like documents and photos, if you have a big file that you want to send to a friend a great way to do that is with DropBox.

Another great thing about DropBox is that you have 2GB of storage that are free, so you will never have to pay for an upgrade for storage.

3. Evernote:

This app is a little different because instead of a storage system Evernote is a way to remember everything. You can clip things on the web with a browser extension or with your app you can take pictures of stuff that you want to remember like a recipe at a dinner or you can even record a clip of audio in the real world.

4. Cram:

It is a 4$ application for iPhone and iPad touch which basically works as a set of flashcards wherever you go. There are pairs of paid services that you can download for mac for thirty bucks.

If you do so you can create tests on the site to share with your classmates as well as bunch of different modes to help you study. You can take a wide range of tests in different subjects for free.

5. CostCutter:

This app will let you input how much you spend each day or week on food , travel, phone and then it will calculate over the course of a year what that ends up to be and you can see how much money you can save by cutting some small expenses.

It helps you identify the small cuts you can make on your day to day life that will have a really big impact when it comes to look at your annualized returns.

6. Zillow:

This application is meant to help you find local deals for apartments and real estate, so whether you just graduated from college or you are living in a new city, it will geo-locate and will provide you with information from the area that you are in. It will give you details like available apartments, how much those apartments cost to rent or to buy, some photos of those apartments and it will help you figure out where you want to live.

Smartphones are a great way to organize your life. Students who are using their smartphones to play games, send text messages to their friends or login to log in to their social networking profiles, can also find some great applications that can help students get organized, save money and become more successful while they are on college.

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