Unique Features of an iPad POS System

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iPads are quickly becoming the sweetheart of small businesses. They are simple, beautiful, and affordable. Using an iPad running iOS software for your POS provides all the necessary features and has the added bonus of extreme flexibility. Using an iPad eliminates the need to have different programs that track inventory, create catalogs, and take payments. According to Mashable, you are able to run necessary business tasks right from the tablet.


If you’ve ever stood in a queue at a store and wondered if there was a better way to buy, adding an iPad to your business is that solution. Employees can use the iPad to bring service to the customer, no matter where they are in the store. If your business relies on trade shows or other mobile events, you have the flexibility of even take payments from your cell phone. There are numerous card readers, receipt printers, wireless scanners, and barcode printers that are compatible with iPads and other tablets that will give you more options for doing business.

Cloud Technology

One of the key features of iPad POS is the utilization of cloud technology. Cloud technology practically eliminates the need to keep large external hard drives full of your shop and customer information lying around your store. That could be a huge data breach just waiting to happen. Your inventory information is securely uploaded from your POS to the cloud. The cloud is a secured hard drive designed to save large amounts of information. With this method, you can access information from anywhere. Don’t let travel or sick days stand in the way of monitoring your business. You can access the cloud and your business data from your cell phone or tablet.

Reports and Analytics

It’s important to know which of your products are selling and when you are selling them. Sometimes that’s easy to see. You may be able to see that with your own eyes. However, that’s not always enough. If you have investors, run a store that sells the products of others, or if you’re looking for a buying trend you will need a way to gather, analyze, and compile a report. Reports can help you determine which products to carry and when to carry them. The sales report can also help you with your inventory and can act as documentation to sales and returns. Sales reports and analytics can tell you many things about your business.

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App Integration

Think about the different apps and software programs you need to help your business run smoothly. No two businesses are the exact same even if they are in the same industry. There are some common ones that are used. Common apps and software programs used by business owners include marketing, shipping, and accounting. There are hundreds of apps to meet the needs of your particular business.

Impressive Tracking

In addition to being used to monitor your inventory, you can also fuse customer information to their orders. This allows you to track the orders of specific customers. This is particularly handy for large or high dollar orders. If you accept cash, your iPad can track your cash and give you a daily summary. Additionally, most software allows you to keep track of notes, shipping information, and even discounts.
One of the best tracking features allows you assign PIN numbers to each staff member that will use the system. This will allow you to track the types of sales and the number of discounts each staff member makes during their shift.

Accept Payments Your Way

The iPad POS system allows you take payments your way. You can even accept partial payments. This option is perfect if you would like to offer layaway or pay-as-you-go to your customers. You can choose to accept multiple payments. This is great for any small business. If your product is $20.00 and your client has $15.00 in cash and a PayPal account, they can send the other $5.00 owed to you through PayPal. This phenomenal POS option offers payment flexibility for every business.

With an iPad POS you have total control of your payment types. You can accept the methods of payment from your customers that best fit your business. You can accept credit cards, cash, money orders, and more. It easily integrates with third party payment processing services like Shopify, PayPal, DataCash, Doku,Verifi, and many more.
Search Functionality

Have you ever tried to return something to a store without a receipt? With some stores, it’s no problem or they will exchange the item for store credit. For more expensive items, some places will not want to exchange or refund your purchase if you’ve lost the receipt. An iPad POS provides stores with the ability to search their order history. When this feature is combined with the ability to mesh the customer’s information with their order information, this great feature becomes very powerful. This makes the refund or exchange process quick and painless for both you and your customer.

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