How To Use the Evernote App on iPad and iPhone Like a Champ

How to Use Evernote iPad iPhone

Evernote is a wildly popular app that allows you to harness the cloud in order to improve your productivity on your iPad or iPhone. Learning how to use it like a pro isn’t as hard as you think.

Get Setup With Evernote

Your first step to using Evernote is getting it on all of your devices. It’s a free app for most platforms, including most computer and smartphone operating systems. Once you get it on all of your devices, set up an account. You just need an email address and five minutes.

A free account gives you 60 MB of uploads each month (the month rolls over on the 13th). In general, that covers all you’ll need. And your old notes don’t count against your storage once you reach each month’s rollover.

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Notes, Notebooks

After you have your account, Evernote sets up a notebook. In there are all the “Notes” you’ll create. To do that, click on “New Note” on the top taskbar. A note is like a robust text document that lets you change things like font, color, and size on anything you type, much like other word processors you’ve used.

All Notes are in the default notebook. It’s also easy to make new notebooks to order into bigger topics like work or school. You can also link relevant notes together by pasting one note’s hyperlink into another.

Of course, that’s not all. Instead of just working with simple text, you’ll add checklists or attach relevant URLs without cluttering text with tons of links. Encrypt portions of your Notes as well by highlighting the text, right click, and select “Encrypt selected text”. Go even further when you tag a note with searchable keywords. When working on a larger project with smaller components, use a “project” tag that you’ll pull up later through search or when you click a most-used tag.

Yet another cool feature is that Evernote allows you to snap a picture of a meeting whiteboard, for example, and that image’s text becomes searchable in your Notes. You can take photos of business cards, certificates, hand-written notes, etc. so that you can easily access digital copies of them.

If you email yourself your notes you make on-the-go, Evernote will automatically add them to your notebook. You can also share your Notes and content easily and quickly through email and social media.

More Tools

Evernote’s tools tie into its organization system. The interactions go right back to your notebooks. The Evernote Web Clipper, for instance, is a browser extension that lets you save URLs or text and pictures from web pages to browse later on. Select the page or even just a part, and your choice saves as a new Note. You’ll select the destination notebook and tags you want right from Web Clipper. Then, the Note saves to the notebook you pick with the URL attached.

Anytime you’re searching for other apps, use Evernote’s “Trunk.” There, you’ll find apps to enhance your experience.

On The Move

Evernote syncs your mobile devices with home computers, so you’ll use your high speed fiber optic connection to get everything you need onto your computer or phone, and fast. In fact, since Evernote’s power comes from the cloud, installing the app across all devices makes it more useful.

The mobile app lets you view all of your notebooks and Notes, and you can also tag your content using the camera of your phone or tablet. After you take photos and add them to a Note using tags, the Note comes with image previews in both your mobile and desktop versions. Then the app converts the text from your photos into searchable text.

To get information from a book or magazine into Evernote like this, click the camera icon at the top of Evernote or create a new Note and then click the icon. It’s only possible to add photos stored in your Camera Roll in the Note itself.

People love and use Evernote for hugely varied purposes. It can be used to organize your emails, keep track of gift ideas, plan events, set reminders so you don’t miss any deadlines, create a wedding registry, or even design a home!

If you’re an Evernote addict, it’s worthwhile to consider purchasing Evernote Premium. Its rate is $5 per month or $45 per year, and with it you get 1GB of monthly uploads, you can password protect your notes, access them even if you’re offline, search PDFs, and let other people make edits to notes, shopping lists, etc. that you share with them.

With these tips, you’ll quickly be on your way to using Evernote like a pro.

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