Google Adsense – Track Ad Performance By Individual Posts

If you use Google Adsense, you probably know how to track the performance of each type of ad on your site. Did you know that you can also track the Adsense performance of each individual post, article or URL?

Knowing which of your articles are most profitable is important to improving your business so the individual URL performance tracking features of Google Adsense are definitely something worth setting up.

How To Track Performance by Individual URLs in Google Adsense

Before starting this tutorial, make sure you’ve built a sitemap of your website or blog and know what the web address of the sitemap is.

  1. While logged in to your Google Adsense account, click on the “Performance Reports” tab.
  2. google adsense performance reports

  3. In the navigation to the left, click “URL Channels
  4. google adsense url channels

  5. You can use the interface that appears to add individual URLs for Adsense performance tracking. Click “Add URLs to Track“.
  6. add urls to track google adsense

  7. Copy and paste the URLs of the post(s) and/or article(s) that you would like to track into the box that pops up. This is where the sitemap comes in handy.
  8. track individual posts in google adsense

  9. Remember to add the URLs of newly published posts to keep the article performance tracking list up-to-date.

Once you’ve added the URLs, they will not appear in the list until they’ve had at least 1 advertisement impression. Although the process may seem a little tedious, if you continue to update your URL channel list, maintaining your individual post tracking in Google Adsense should only require minimal work and effort.

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11 Responses to "Google Adsense – Track Ad Performance By Individual Posts"

  1. Paul Spoerry says:

    Very cool. Would be awesome if you could just upload the sitemap… in the meantime I pulled the sitemap into excel (filtered it down to 200…. the form will only allow 200 URLs per entry) and plopped them all in that way. :)

  2. Anson Alexander says:

    Paul, I also just used a sitemap but you would think that since most sitemaps are in a Google friendly format, they would implement an option to upload the entire sitemap directly.

    I'm sure this feature has been suggested and I will update if they change the functionality.

    Thanks for the feedback!


  3. Warren says:

    Added two adsense revenue sites that I joined in last February two weeks ago.

    How long till I see the performance reports on these sites?

  4. kVKQnU says:

  5. License says:

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