A Google AdSense video tutorial course for beginners and advanced users to effectively use Google AdSense and maximize earnings for your website.

I recently authored the video course linked aboveĀ for Lynda.com. The course serves as a great Google AdSense tutorial for beginners and advanced users.

As you can see in the welcome video above, the course takes users through all aspects of using Google AdSense including setting up a Google AdSense account, an overview of how display advertising works and information on creating and displaying advertisements on your website using Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is an incredibly powerful tool that allows website owners to generate consistent revenue streams with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

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Google AdSense is best used alongside other forms of website monetization and generally serves as good supplemental income.

In the course, I also share some of my own secrets and strategies that I’ve developed over the years to help maximize your Google AdSense earnings and revenue.

This is the first course that I’ve authored for Lynda.com and I’m excited to be featured on such an exceptional website.

There are a 4 or 5 videos in the Up and Running with Google AdSense course that can be watched for free and, the rest, require a Lynda.com membership but those of you who are familiar with Lynda.com know that a membership is well worth it.

I hope you enjoy this Google AdSense tutorial on Lynda.com!

Anson Alexander

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