Google Analytics now features built in functionality for reporting website visits by the hour of the day.

Google has recently made an update to Google Analytics that allows users to view website visits based on the hour of the day.

Previously, some Google Analytics users had figured out how to create custom reports to display hourly visit data for their blog or website.

Although this method served its purpose, it was a bit bulky and there was only so much information that could gained from using it.

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Google has now implemented hourly reporting as a core function of Google Analytics.

When looking at your standard Google Analytics report, you will now notice that instead of just being able to filter data by day, week and month, you can now also filter by hour.

The video tutorial above demonstrates how this feature can be used. It will surely provide useful for internet marketers, bloggers and companies looking to further analyze their online presence(s).

The new hourly reporting feature in Google Analytics can really help users discover visitor trends and identify different segments of visitors based on the site’s hourly trends.

For instance, you may receive more visits during the morning on your site but, because of hourly reporting, you may notice that your nighttime visitors spend more time on your site and view more pages on your site.

Based on this information provided by the new hourly reporting feature of Google Analytics you can make more informed decisions when planning your marketing efforts.

Let me know what you think of the new Google Analytics feature in the comments section below!

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