Google Apps for Business / Enterprise migration considerations, challenges and tips for organizations moving to Google Apps and Google Drive.

Is your organization or business migrating to Google Apps?

There are a lot of considerations to think about when migrating from one communication and collaboration system to another – many of which you may not think of at first glance.

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I’ve managed and been part of multiple migration to the Google Apps for Enterprise platform and can help you and your organization anticipate some of the possible challenges and help make sure that you’re using Google Apps to it’s full potential.

The Google Apps migration considerations video above was shot during one of my on-site Google Apps workshops. This was a day long workshop where I delivered a keynote presentation (as shown in the video) and then worked with the organization for the rest of the day on issues specifically related to their business.

This workshop was tailored more towards Google Drive than Google Apps as a whole but I feel that there is definitely a lot of valuable information covered in my keynote presentation and I am happy to share that information with all of my readers and viewers!

Some of the Google Apps migration topics covered in the above video include:

  1. The strategic direction of Google Inc.
  2. The primary purpose and functionality of Google Apps
  3. How the migration process works
  4. The Google Apps Marketplace
  5. Working with different file types in Google Apps
  6. The value of shared folders
  7. Challenges that you will face when migrating to Google Apps

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Also, if you or your organization is looking for remote or on-site consultation and / or training, don’t hesitate to contact me to receive more information on how I can help your business in migrating to Google Apps.

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